Saturday, May 11, 2019

~ Morgan Jones Linens... The Rooster in red and pink!

 I have wrote about Morgan Jones items before... I love the quality of their vintage linens. 

Recently I purchase an amazing set of matching... tags still attached... vintage kitchen linens. 

These are in amazing condition. Only the apron has slight yellowing. Very fixable. The rest is crisp and still white. 

That rooster is perfect, in all his red and pink glory.  

I was thrilled with getting the toaster cover the most. It really had been a lost linen in the kitchen. I never notice them any more, when looking at the newer kitchen linens.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Things that I have purchased.... Pyrex Inspired Shakers... Just so dang cute!

New to my kitchen.... and can be purchased here!!!!

I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy.  It is more dangerous than eBay.  There is so many wonderful custom made items there to roam through.... and guess what I came upon.  These delightful... Pyrex inspired salt & pepper shakers. 

Now granted, I am the girl with piles of pink Pyrex... with the daisy & gooseberry designs.  It was these too cute for words... turquoise colored.... the farmer and the wife images..... that I wanted the most.  

These are great heavy glass shakers. And the images are crisp. Love them! 

I suspect, I will be purchasing the pink gooseberry inspired set.... in the very near future. 

Go look at the items that the seller has... they are really nice additions to have to the Pyrex collection.