Saturday, December 22, 2018

~ Vintage Cannon Pillow Cases.... I am gonna need some cotton ....

Where to begin. 

I had mention earlier, that I had purchase a home and moved this past Summer. It was an ugly move, in late August in Texas. Had I known how brutal that move was going to be... I would have just packed a suitcase... got my car keys... and threw a match to the rest of it.  There was over 100 boxes of crap plus my furniture. The only reason I did not flake completely out ... was I had hired a moving company. Three really nice men showed up with their truck. Who really kept me from throwing that match. Honestly, they were really nice and got it all handled.

But now the fun part, is having to unpack. And attempting to find a new place for everything, that made it out here with me. Let me tell you.... I purged and tossed out a sh*t load of stuff before one box made it, onto that moving truck. And I still ended up with over 100 boxes. 

So as I unboxed... months later.... I get little surprises. 

Like how I found my seven sets of sheets... and not one matching pillow case. 

Yea, it is the little things that bring me joy. *sarcasm*. 

Seven sets of sheets and I can not locate any of the matching pillow cases, I have for them.  

So I decide to hit up eBay and find some general cuteness. I am past the age where everything has to be matchy-matchy.  I decided to get vintage pillow cases that are just cute. And I was surprised by how many of them are still in their original packaging. I am buying the ones that were most likely from the 1960's. 

One may wonder, why I am buying off eBay versus just hitting up the mall. 

Well... something awful has happen to the linen department, in the past decade. It has became a miracle to find legit cotton linens. I am a huge fan of the 300 thread count. I don't need some outrageous 1000 thread count. I just need them to be soft and made of COTTON. 

There is a special new "microfiber" product that has invaded the linen department. And what exactly is "microfiber" sheets. It is sheets made of spun plastic. I don't even want to know how this unfortunate slick feeling "fabric" invaded the bed linens. But I am not a fan. And now legit cotton linens are not near as plentiful. Plus you have to flip over every thing you touch. Just to read what it is made of now. It is exhausting to spend so much time in the linen department, trying to avoid all the plastic made sheets.

I am going to need some real COTTON involved in my bed linens. The Percale sheets from the 1960's feel like cotton. And they are 50/50. So I am baffled by the weirdo "microfiber" and why it feels icky.

All of the pictures shown above... are of a couple rose cover linens.... I purchased off eBay. The Cannon pillow cases were NRFP. Then I purchased the flat sheet and one pillow case, covered in roses.... I am in love with that rose covered sheet. Everyone one of them are vintage Percale. And they feel like brushed cotton.  So what is up with the newer microfiber stuff ?!?

Plus I am still stalking eBay, looking for more vintage pillow cases. I saw some with blue roses... that were really cute and look like they need a new home with me!  


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I feel the same way! What has happened to bed linens?

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