Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Oh, my... it has been a while....

I really never intended to let this lovely blog... go dormant for so long.  Life just gets in my way, of being able to get my act together enough... to take pictures and get them posted. 

Then add to it.... I purchased a really cute home, this past Summer. That was built in 1955... that had been fully gutted and renovated. I have been attempting to figure out, how to unload all my kitchen crap. To get it all displayed in and the perfect place.  So I can take some pictures!

The only thing I have truly come to realize... is my pantry is going to be a china closet/my closet of shame. It is the only place I truly have, were I can organize all those crazy dishes. 

And I am still buying more dishes.  It is a never ending thing with me. I see a great vintage set of dishes... next thing I know, they are in my back seat coming home with me.