Saturday, December 22, 2018

~ New things in my kitchen.... Hiawatha flatware....

As if I needed to start collecting something new.... I have a new set of vintage flatware, that I am lurking around eBay attempting to finish out the set. 

I found this lovely set of flatware on Craigslist one weekend. I was looking for a Duncan Phyfe buffet for my living room. But ended up buying this gorgeous Hiawatha flatware instead. 

It was a place setting for 12. Missing one dinner fork and knife. Which really... does not matter. I mean rarely do I do a dinner party for more than 8. ha! No, really it is so easy to find replacements for these vintage sets. I didn't think twice about it missing a couple of pieces. I did what all good crazy girls do... I hopped on eBay to buy some more. ha! 

What I ended up buying... was the the matching Hiawatha luncheon set. 

I saw those four gumbo soup spoons and knew that luncheon set had to be mine!  

I have a slight obsession with those gumbo style spoons. And they are rarely cheap to obtain. Since I knew getting more of those spoons would be pricey if purchased individual.... I picked up some Pickwick pattern ones. Since their handles are very understated. 

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