Tuesday, December 25, 2018

~ Cannon Towels....


NoniKateus said...

Hi there! I found this post when researching "Stanley Home Products hostess gifts" because I have two jewelry items that my mother 'won' in the late 40s or very early 50s for hosting a party. These are: a clear lucite pendant necklace, fine sterling chain with a single carved red rose and green stem/leaves; also, a matching brooch. I was trying to see what dollar value these were offered at, just out of curiosity. We loved the products, especially the hair brushes! Your pink collection is wonderful. I, too, love old kitchenware and have some of both grandmothers' and even a great grandmother's milk pitcher, butter paddles, and butter-making bowl--which I use. I treasure the odd old bits that some folks view as junk. And have an art print of a little boy pulling along his sled in winter as he and his shepherd walk past a herd of curious Holsteins lined up by the fence. Real country.

customized gifts for him said...

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