Sunday, April 23, 2017

So many things purchased..... maybe I will eventually get them posted....

Oh, my.  I have been away for a while.  Well a couple things happen along the way. But needless to say... getting the new laptop with Windows 10 ... over a year ago... and it has made me a little crazy.  I have still not figure out why Farm Girl Pink, is all jacked up looking to me. The Blog page does not lay out correctly for me, any longer. But it looks fine, on the old laptop. I hate not understanding what it up with the whole Blogger thing.

Then Picasso image loader, no longer is of use to me. This is where I had kept all my images homed. Now they are all over in Google pictures.  So I get to figure out how to load up images, again. I am not a quick learner with this stuff. ha! 

So I go back in my old images to share one with you now... 

I still love these confetti bowls. I bought two of these off eBay... which I have rattle on, about earlierAlong with these amazing blue and pink confetti bowls.

I have added a lot of great glassware to my kitchen collection. And if I can figure out how to get images loaded and clean up for posting. I just might get to show off some of my new finds. 

I did add a new vintage set of dinnerware... dishes that are gorgeousThey are part of Taylor Smith & Taylor China.... and their old Appalachian Flower pattern. I purchase a large set of it last Summer. With many of the serving pieces. Large bowls, platters, sugar & creamer... it came with it all. 

This is a very nice image I boosted from here... to show you the pattern. It really sets a gorgeous table. 

image from here....