Sunday, November 08, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Amazing children dishes... Jadeite...

image from here... and currently looking for a new home... 

As per my usual... I love roaming around eBay looking for the vintage glassware. Especially the stuff in minty condition.  This time it is a stunning set of children hostess dishes in Jadeite.  I was bidding on it... and then it started to get a little pricey. 

image from here... and looking for a new home!

Look at that box of perfection. My goodness I love seeing that things this perfect... still exist. I know none of my childhood dishes are still in their original boxes. Then again I had the sweet little china tea sets, that I bought at the local M.E. Moses.  My goodness I must have had 8 sets of those china tea sets. All sizes and decorations. I loved them all.  Plus I inherited(hand me downs) all kinds of good things (for little girls) from my older cousins too. My goodness I have never really stopped collecting dishes.  They just cost me a lot more now. Than those sweet little 4.00 sets from M.E. Moses. 

image from here... and still for sale! 

It is safe to say, I really wanted this set of Jadeite.  :) 

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