Sunday, November 08, 2015

~ More crochet goodness.... mint and nut holders...

Well I finally found some more oddities from the crochet world. I had showed these amazing little cozies off a couple years ago. I am always on the look out for the weird stuff. And I found some first cousins, to these crochet darlings. 

One set is in great shape... the other have been been used and have darken down a bit. But I bought them all for maybe six dollars. And I really wanted those two that look like a tea cup sitting on a petal flower base. So that meant buying them all. I am thinking these were made for small treats... nuts or mints holders to sit on a table to pretty it up. 

They were starched too when I got them.  And nothing makes me happier than the weird stuff. 

I did come across another set of these Hazel Atlas pink shakers. A girl can never have enough pink in the kitchen. Plus they have their matching lids. I love when the lids are original. I hate having to locate lids to fit these older shakers. 

So one little set of crochet cozies... has turned into me having crochet nut holders. 


janice15 said...

So sweet they are, I recently found some with a blue around the edges.. love them.. I'm hoping I can recopy the ones I found. thanks for sharing with love Janice

Kelli Davidson said...

My Nana used to make those! not with cotton thread but with the regular dacron kind. She made them a bit higher and they kept her sweet tea glasses less slippery for her and her lady friends who gathered on the front porch each evening, weather permitting. I actually still have some!