Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

~ Vintage Thanksgiving... post cards of Corn...

I am not kidding, when I tell you there are hundreds of vintage post cards... with corn as the theme.  Thanksgiving is all about the corn, turkey and pilgrims on these vintage cards.

Monday, November 16, 2015

~ Mid Century Turkey...

I am loving the happiness that these ladies have in them... after all that cooking in a hot kitchen.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

~ Thanksgiving greetings... Fall colors...

This is one of the few Thanksgiving greeting cards, that I came across...  that has no turkeys or pilgrims on it. Love the colors...

Friday, November 13, 2015

~ Vintage cooking... Kaiser Foil....

I am telling you, I had a real challenge finding fun mid-century themed advertisements for Thanksgiving. And this Kaiser Foil ad is not really a Thanksgiving theme one. As much as it is just cute. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

~ Vintage advertisement... Acorn Stove...

Acorn Stove @ 1886

Just so pretty! These are some really great graphics, on these vintage advertisements for Acorn Stoves. 

And if there was ever a stove that would heat up a entire house, on a cold Winter morning. It is this guy! Look at that amazing stove. Think of how many toes were broke... by accidentally banging up against those big metal feet. 

Acorn Stove @ 1880 

I did love how pretty these old paper tags were. Plus I am desperate for Fall images and these are getting used!  :) 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

~ Vintage cooking.... Norge Atomic Range...

November 1948 - Norge Stove

My goodness... all dressed up and cooking up a storm. Love the heels. Perfect hair. And hanging out in what you know... was a blazing hot kitchen. 

Really, who were these fabulous girls. Who manage to look this divine... while standing in heels with a face full of perfect makeup. Not even breaking a sweat.

Monday, November 09, 2015

~ November, Thanksgiving & Fall... looking for those vintage images...

I normally would  have done a month of vintage Halloween images for October. But unfortunately everyday life gets in the way sometimes. So I decided to do the month of November, instead... and fill it with fun vintage Fall advertisements and vintage Thanksgiving images. 

It turns out that unless I want nothing but pictures of turkeys and pilgrims... it was going to take a lot of digging in Pinterest. And I still am lacking the good stuff I  like to show off. So pickings will be a little slim.  But I have oodles of neat stuff for December. 

So get prepared for a few turkey images. Seriously... I am stunned that November is all about corn, turkeys and pilgrims in the old vintage images. But I did come up with a handful of mid-century Fall theme ones...

Sunday, November 08, 2015

~ More crochet goodness.... mint and nut holders...

Well I finally found some more oddities from the crochet world. I had showed these amazing little cozies off a couple years ago. I am always on the look out for the weird stuff. And I found some first cousins, to these crochet darlings. 

One set is in great shape... the other have been been used and have darken down a bit. But I bought them all for maybe six dollars. And I really wanted those two that look like a tea cup sitting on a petal flower base. So that meant buying them all. I am thinking these were made for small treats... nuts or mints holders to sit on a table to pretty it up. 

They were starched too when I got them.  And nothing makes me happier than the weird stuff. 

I did come across another set of these Hazel Atlas pink shakers. A girl can never have enough pink in the kitchen. Plus they have their matching lids. I love when the lids are original. I hate having to locate lids to fit these older shakers. 

So one little set of crochet cozies... has turned into me having crochet nut holders. 

~ Vintage goodness - Amazing children dishes... Jadeite...

image from here... and currently looking for a new home... 

As per my usual... I love roaming around eBay looking for the vintage glassware. Especially the stuff in minty condition.  This time it is a stunning set of children hostess dishes in Jadeite.  I was bidding on it... and then it started to get a little pricey. 

image from here... and looking for a new home!

Look at that box of perfection. My goodness I love seeing that things this perfect... still exist. I know none of my childhood dishes are still in their original boxes. Then again I had the sweet little china tea sets, that I bought at the local M.E. Moses.  My goodness I must have had 8 sets of those china tea sets. All sizes and decorations. I loved them all.  Plus I inherited(hand me downs) all kinds of good things (for little girls) from my older cousins too. My goodness I have never really stopped collecting dishes.  They just cost me a lot more now. Than those sweet little 4.00 sets from M.E. Moses. 

image from here... and still for sale! 

It is safe to say, I really wanted this set of Jadeite.  :)