Tuesday, October 13, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... Knowles and Pyrex...

I am slowly getting my goodies from Minnesota photographed. I found these Knowles berry bowls at that Savers in Duluth. These are the El Centro green and red plaid design from Knowles. It was such an odd find for me. And cheap too, 1.99 for both. 

I have some terrible fascination for plaid in general. I would collect this Knowles plaid stuff, if I could buy it at a reasonable price. But when I have came across it locally... it has been very pricey. 

I bought this lovely Pyrex oval casserole, in an antique store in downtown Duluth. Ten dollars. Sitting on one of those charming new Shenango coffee cups, I also picked up in Savers.

Great shape. Still with the nice glossy, bold turquoise paint.... still in place.

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