Sunday, October 25, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... Linens and creepy face flowers...

Now not only did I purchase all kinds of glassware in Minnesota. I came across some really lovely vintage linens. 

I had saw these great bird linens... in Cloquet at a antique store. Drove home. And ended up calling the store and purchasing them a week later. 

It is a really cute 3 piece set. With great stitching. In superb condition. 

Now along with these sweet birds... I also purchase from the same store... these really unique flower potholders.  With the uniquely disturbing faces on them.

I do love the weirdly creepy faces on these flowers.  I never walk away from the weird things. I love finding these odd baby face potholders. Though my favorite one is this one... bought back in 2013.

When I had originally saw this cottage design linen. I was puzzled about the design. 

Why is there a hole in the front of it. I spent a little time looking at old patterns on eBay hoping to find an answer. But nope. 

I have no idea what the purpose of it was... but I still bought it and had it shipped to me with the all the others.

Only if I could now figure out what the purpose of the hole in the cottage is all about. 

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... More vintage glassware...

Oh, how I love these vintage water pitchers. I have purchase so many of them over the years. I always use them as my daily pitcher. Which means I always ended up breaking them. But here I have a new one from my trip to Minnesota. With its glorious pink and white design. I purchased this one at antique store at Moose Lake. The same store I found the floral jar... 

I love that I was able to find so many lovely vintage Hazel Atlas pieces for my kitchen, on this trip to Minnesota.

Of course I did come back with some more Corning Ware Cornflower cookware. The family friend that was our tour guide for this trip... gave me the rectangular casserole as a gift. Such a great piece. Then I came across this smaller square casserole at that Savers in Duluth for 1.99.  

I also bought one of the smaller handle Corning Ware Cornflower skillet pieces too. At Moose Lake. But somehow did not get it photographed with these.  Always missing something when I get around to taking pictures. 

This is a nice look at the design on the Hazel Atlas pitcher. Love it! And making a point to not drop this one too. 



 I also picked up a couple pieces of LuRay too. This gorgeous green platter. Located in an antique store in Cloquet. I found some great linen items there too. On the way back home... stopped in Iowa and came across a pink creamer! 

Oh my goodness! Lookie there. My wonderful green and pink confetti bowl! I do love those crazy splatter bowls. 

Another gift from the family friend.... was this amazing Fire King Luster-ware round cake piece. I really do use these round cake pans a lot. I love them for making cornbread in. 

A good spray of Baker's Joy before the batter. And they are easy to clean up. I never cook in Fire King, Pyrex or Corning Ware without using my favorite can of Baker's Joy.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... Knowles and Pyrex...

I am slowly getting my goodies from Minnesota photographed. I found these Knowles berry bowls at that Savers in Duluth. These are the El Centro green and red plaid design from Knowles. It was such an odd find for me. And cheap too, 1.99 for both. 

I have some terrible fascination for plaid in general. I would collect this Knowles plaid stuff, if I could buy it at a reasonable price. But when I have came across it locally... it has been very pricey. 

I bought this lovely Pyrex oval casserole, in an antique store in downtown Duluth. Ten dollars. Sitting on one of those charming new Shenango coffee cups, I also picked up in Savers.

Great shape. Still with the nice glossy, bold turquoise paint.... still in place.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Green puppy linens and crochet goodies...

More things that made it home with me from Minnesota.  I found these green puppy decorated linens in an antique store at Moose Lake. Along with some new crochet potholders... 

The two piece set is a linen place-mat and a matching napkin. 

And the puppies are in all kinds of poses. So not only do I have these poodles... I also got a set with terriers!

I love these black Scottish terriers. Also on a place-mat and napkin. 

I also found in the same booth... wonderful hand crochet potholders. Made with cotton yarn. I rarely find these that aren't made with a odd poly-cotton blend locally. But these are a nice cotton. Love them all. I tend to use these under hot bowls and such. My dining room table is an old Duncan Phyfe table.  And I can't really sit anything warm directly on the wood finish, without leaving a mark. Ugh. So I keep these type of potholders handy.

This was also the antique mall that I found that floral Hazel Atlas jar. 

I love these large storage jars. Especially when they come with a lid that fits! 

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