Sunday, September 27, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Hazel Atlas Shakers...

That is right... how about a shaker of Nut Meats! 

I love that shaker. I have no idea how any nutmeats could come out of those tiny holes. But I do enjoy that shaker. 

There are six of these, total. Two of them (sugar and pepper) are a little bit taller than the other four. 

I do know that I did not purchase a salt shaker. There was not one to be had at the time. So I am on the look out for a salt shaker, to match this set. In case anyone comes across one in their adventures.  :)  

The lids are in decent enough shape. With the exception of ole' Nutmeats. Fortunately, I am the kind of girl that has no problem sanding that lid... and repainting it red.

And it being faded more than the rest... does bug me.  Thankfully the blue and red print on the actual shakers... are in great shape.  And seriously... I am on the look out for the salt shaker for this set. Let me know if you have one... not too oxidized... looking for a new home.  :)

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