Saturday, September 26, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Hazel Atlas for the kitchen!

I really did have a great time in Minnesota... buying everything pretty I came across. There was lots of decisions to be made on what to buy. So many pretty things... so little space in my kitchen.  Like this wonderful floral decorated glass storage jar.

Yet, there I was buying as if I had oodles of space to store these wonderful finds.  And dang it, I kept coming across incredible finds... that were not over priced! All of it coming home with me. 

I do see wonderful things all around north Texas. But holy cow, are they grossly over priced. So I rarely purchase anything from an antique mall anymore.  Well in Minnesota I did not have that problem. I saw all kinds of kitchen glass ware... reasonably priced. So I got to bring home all kinds of new cute vintage things, to add to the cabinets. 

As if I needed more drinking glasses. Had these not been pink, turquoise and yellow! I would not have brought them home. But dang it all... they are perfect.  The shop I got these at had a entire three level cart, filled full with drinking glasses.  The fact I only purchase this one set is the miracle. 

This sweet glass container... was also on that cart of glassware. I am loving these random ivy decorated, Hazel Atlas oddities I keep coming across.  I have no clue what it was used for. It is an odd size. It is not a drinking glass.

See it compared to the drinking glass. Which is a I believe a 10 or 12 oz glass. It made me wonder if the ivy glass container, had been sold with some kind of dairy product in it. 

I also bought an amazing water pitcher. With pink and white decorations... also Hazel Atlas... but somehow manage to photograph all the Hazel stuff and not that pitcher. It is all kinds of cute too!  

My gosh I just love the design on these new girls from Hazel... 


Tea in the Library said...

Love the tumblers. Happy Pink Saturday!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I have such a weakness for vintage drinking glasses. Especially if I can get them in sets of 4.