Tuesday, September 22, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... fun in Minnesota!

Carlton, Minnesota

Recently, I escaped Texas. It has been a long, ugly and muggy Summer here in Texas. And when the opportunity arose to get the hell out of here. I took it!  I needed to see something different. Besides the awful dewy sticky days of hell... that has been going on for the last two months. 

St. Paul/Minneapolis - look at those clouds!

I packed my bags and got the truck loaded. Yes, I drove. Because I just knew, I was going to find incredible things to bring back home. And I was not going to trust either the airlines or USPS to get my new valuables home to me, in one piece. Honestly, it is not a hard drive. (Something like 18 hours.) I was headed to Carlton County, Minnesota. Which Duluth, is the nearest big town. 

Downtown Duluth... isn't that a pretty building! One of the tallest too!

Of course, I found all kinds of vintage things that came home with me. Between the antique stores and the thrift stores. I had a blast. Yep, I drove all the way to Duluth, Minnesota... to hit up their thrift stores!

Everything is just so pretty there. We were staying in Cloquet/Carlton area... but driving and seeing (shopping) all over the place. 

 Love this red brick building....

Duluth is gorgeous. So much of their downtown looks like it was built before 1930. Many of their buildings in downtown are maybe 4-5 stories. All vintage. There were all kinds of 3 story walk-up homes. That were in dire need of renovations. But you could see that they were once fabulous.  And could be turned around back into a fabulous town home.

Love the stone work on this building... ignore the green old's...  

I was so thrilled to see a major city, had not torn down all their beautiful historical buildings. Just so they could toss up some ugly ass glass 30 story... monstrosity in its place.  Like they have here in Dallas.  It was really odd to be in a busy downtown area and look up and see all kinds of blue sky. 

That lone picture of that gorgeous orange/yellow leaf tree at the top of the page... was the only one I saw. I was about two weeks too early for the entire place to be covered in gorgeous fall colors. When I saw that tree. I stopped the truck. And took the picture. It was so pretty standing there all bold... with nothing but green around it . 

Oh yea... and I found some Hazel Atlas to bring home from Duluth too!

It is part of a set of 6 piece Hazel Atlas shaker set, that I now own.... more to come! 


Erica Rogers said...

So glad you had a great trip. Can't wait to see what you found!


Rosie said...

So fun! I love that area of the country! Can't wait to see all your finds!
love, rosie

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I really did have a great time in Minnesota. And it is so pretty. I found all kinds of goodies to drag back home. If I can just make the time to get it all photograph.