Sunday, September 06, 2015

~ Vintage goodness for the kitchen - Sperry Drifted Snow Flour... decanters...

I love these Hazel Atlas bowls. The green ivy design had a time period, where it was a popular theme on kitchenware. 

So I was excited to see these wonder juice decanters, that were give ways from Sperry Drifted Snow Flour. That has the lovely green ivy design wrapping around the juice jar.

image from here... and currently for sale! 

The seller as a case of them for sale too! Look at that amazing case of vintage kitchen goodness! Then add to it they have a yellow lid. I just adore vintage green and yellow kitchen wares.

image from here... and they are all looking for a new home!

These charming decanters are made by Federal Glass. So they will be a nice piece of glassware for the cabinet. As if I have any more room, for new additions, to my kitchen.  

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