Monday, September 28, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... Shenango China in Gray...

Oh, how I adore my gray and pink ringed Shenango China. I have a huge collection of this pattern. It is my daily dinnerware. I have been collecting it, for right at 20 years. So yea... I have a few pieces of it in my kitchen cabinets. 

What I had not manage to find... is soup bowls. I had the small pink cups. But no legit size cereal bowl, size ones. 

As I am gleefully shopping at the Savers in Duluth... I saw of all things... some gray and white Shenango!  Woo hoo! 

Sitting all pretty on the shelf in the home wares, was this set of Shenango breakfast dishes. Two of each... breakfast plate, bowl and coffee cup. And nothing else.  I love the design on the edges of this set of dishes. And in the shopping cart they went. 

As if I needed to start in with a new design of restaurant china... I am hoping that I might have a easier time finding these bowls. They are such a pretty little gray trimmed bowl. And every time I come across the solid pink bowls I need (that are this shape/size) they are outrageously priced. So I figure after finding these cute gray trimmed ones... I will attempt to find me two more of them. I could be happy with four of them. Six would be better. But I could live with four.  :)

Added plus... is the new gray trimmed coffee cups... are the same size as my pinks ones! So they stack inside and did not require me finding space for them. They just sit on top of the pink cups in the cabinet. 

Even the gray trimmed plates, fit smoothly on top of my gray and pink plates. 


I do have cereal bowls trimmed out in the gray and pink rings. (top of picture by the Kromex canister) But I really did want the solid pink ones.... however I do love these gray trimmed bowls. Plus I got this set of Shenango breakfast dishes... for 6.00 at Savers! 

 ~~~~  I am really late to this link party... but Sir Thrift A lot has a new link party... and it starts on Sunday... Let's get that party packed again for him this weekend! If you have something new to show off... be sure to come list it for all us to see!!!  ~~~~

Sunday, September 27, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Hazel Atlas Shakers...

That is right... how about a shaker of Nut Meats! 

I love that shaker. I have no idea how any nutmeats could come out of those tiny holes. But I do enjoy that shaker. 

There are six of these, total. Two of them (sugar and pepper) are a little bit taller than the other four. 

I do know that I did not purchase a salt shaker. There was not one to be had at the time. So I am on the look out for a salt shaker, to match this set. In case anyone comes across one in their adventures.  :)  

The lids are in decent enough shape. With the exception of ole' Nutmeats. Fortunately, I am the kind of girl that has no problem sanding that lid... and repainting it red.

And it being faded more than the rest... does bug me.  Thankfully the blue and red print on the actual shakers... are in great shape.  And seriously... I am on the look out for the salt shaker for this set. Let me know if you have one... not too oxidized... looking for a new home.  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

~ Vintage goodness - Hazel Atlas for the kitchen!

I really did have a great time in Minnesota... buying everything pretty I came across. There was lots of decisions to be made on what to buy. So many pretty things... so little space in my kitchen.  Like this wonderful floral decorated glass storage jar.

Yet, there I was buying as if I had oodles of space to store these wonderful finds.  And dang it, I kept coming across incredible finds... that were not over priced! All of it coming home with me. 

I do see wonderful things all around north Texas. But holy cow, are they grossly over priced. So I rarely purchase anything from an antique mall anymore.  Well in Minnesota I did not have that problem. I saw all kinds of kitchen glass ware... reasonably priced. So I got to bring home all kinds of new cute vintage things, to add to the cabinets. 

As if I needed more drinking glasses. Had these not been pink, turquoise and yellow! I would not have brought them home. But dang it all... they are perfect.  The shop I got these at had a entire three level cart, filled full with drinking glasses.  The fact I only purchase this one set is the miracle. 

This sweet glass container... was also on that cart of glassware. I am loving these random ivy decorated, Hazel Atlas oddities I keep coming across.  I have no clue what it was used for. It is an odd size. It is not a drinking glass.

See it compared to the drinking glass. Which is a I believe a 10 or 12 oz glass. It made me wonder if the ivy glass container, had been sold with some kind of dairy product in it. 

I also bought an amazing water pitcher. With pink and white decorations... also Hazel Atlas... but somehow manage to photograph all the Hazel stuff and not that pitcher. It is all kinds of cute too!  

My gosh I just love the design on these new girls from Hazel... 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

~ Vintage goodness... fun in Minnesota!

Carlton, Minnesota

Recently, I escaped Texas. It has been a long, ugly and muggy Summer here in Texas. And when the opportunity arose to get the hell out of here. I took it!  I needed to see something different. Besides the awful dewy sticky days of hell... that has been going on for the last two months. 

St. Paul/Minneapolis - look at those clouds!

I packed my bags and got the truck loaded. Yes, I drove. Because I just knew, I was going to find incredible things to bring back home. And I was not going to trust either the airlines or USPS to get my new valuables home to me, in one piece. Honestly, it is not a hard drive. (Something like 18 hours.) I was headed to Carlton County, Minnesota. Which Duluth, is the nearest big town. 

Downtown Duluth... isn't that a pretty building! One of the tallest too!

Of course, I found all kinds of vintage things that came home with me. Between the antique stores and the thrift stores. I had a blast. Yep, I drove all the way to Duluth, Minnesota... to hit up their thrift stores!

Everything is just so pretty there. We were staying in Cloquet/Carlton area... but driving and seeing (shopping) all over the place. 

 Love this red brick building....

Duluth is gorgeous. So much of their downtown looks like it was built before 1930. Many of their buildings in downtown are maybe 4-5 stories. All vintage. There were all kinds of 3 story walk-up homes. That were in dire need of renovations. But you could see that they were once fabulous.  And could be turned around back into a fabulous town home.

Love the stone work on this building... ignore the green old's...  

I was so thrilled to see a major city, had not torn down all their beautiful historical buildings. Just so they could toss up some ugly ass glass 30 story... monstrosity in its place.  Like they have here in Dallas.  It was really odd to be in a busy downtown area and look up and see all kinds of blue sky. 

That lone picture of that gorgeous orange/yellow leaf tree at the top of the page... was the only one I saw. I was about two weeks too early for the entire place to be covered in gorgeous fall colors. When I saw that tree. I stopped the truck. And took the picture. It was so pretty standing there all bold... with nothing but green around it . 

Oh yea... and I found some Hazel Atlas to bring home from Duluth too!

It is part of a set of 6 piece Hazel Atlas shaker set, that I now own.... more to come! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

~ Vintage recipe - Pet Milk ~ Orange Custard...

More fun with Pet Milk! This time a recipe for orange custard. Sadly, this one requires that evil double boiler. Which I simply have no talent for using. But I still like the looks of this recipe. Maybe I can convince my Mother to make it for me.  :)  

I bet this taste like an orange push-up!

Monday, September 14, 2015

~ Vintage recipes - Pet Milk ~ Chocolate Bavarian ...

As much as I enjoy the vintage recipes with Eagle brand Milk.. I also have a few using Pet Milk. I keep both in the pantry at all times. I love a milk based product, that is stable enough to still on a pantry shelf for weeks. Until I get the urge to bake. 

Chocolate Bavarian - this looks to be a little heavier than a pudding. But really easy to make. 

And I love a easy dessert recipe. That does not require a double boiler.

Friday, September 11, 2015

~ Vintage recipes - Coconut Cupcakes!

image from here... 

How amazing are these cupcakes! I love a cute cupcake. Especially one that is not difficult to decorate. But brings all kinds of amaziness to a party. 

So this sweet little beauty, is from Baker's Angel Flake Coconut @ 1967. Back when a cupcake recipe did not require a masters degree, to get it to turn out. ha! 

~ Vintage telephones... Turquoise Space Saver goodness...

Oh, yea! I did come across that Space Saver in turquoise, finally, in one of these vintage advertisements. That phone has all kinds of curb appeal. 

I was going to hold on to this advertisement for Christmas. But since I saw that Cracker Barrel already has their dang Christmas tree up... I figure I would add to the madness of offering up the holidays. In the second week of September.  :) 

This ad is from 1961. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

~ Vintage recipes - Swans Down Flour...

I am a huge fan of Swans Flour baking products. I had picked up one of their vintage recipe booklets, years ago at a flea market. And have used it over and over. You just can't go wrong using their flour or their recipes. 

Is there anything better than a fresh baked biscuit!?! Now I do use my pastry cutter to blend the shortening into the dry mixture. (flour, baking powder, salt)  But these are super easy to make. And they always turn out a nice crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, biscuit. 

I am including this page for quick cakes. I am intrigued by that milkless, eggless and butterless cake. The only hang up I have with it... is the raisins. I do not like raisins, that have been cooked. I love then straight from the box, as a snack. But detest them cooked. 

Now this brownie recipe has molasses included in the ingredients. I had purchase a jar of  molasses for a cookie recipe. Was looking for something else to bake, to use it in. (Before it just got old and hard.) These were quick to make. And made a really great brownie.  I did cooked them at 350 degree's. 

There were no actual temperatures given in this cook book. Just hints about how hot the stove needed to be. So I placed this booklet prior to 1940 for that reason alone.

~ Vintage telephones... the blue Space Saver phone...

I am obsess with this Space Saver telephone. Ever since I came across that picture in Pinterest, I have been stalking eBay. I have sent the picture to a few cousins and aunts who also do the antique thing.. with hitting up estate sales, garage sales, thrift store... and general hunting for the good stuff.  Everyone now knows I want one of these...

And that updated pink telephone...  is not a bad looking addition either. :) 

This ad is from 1960. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

~ Vintage telephones... pink wall mounted phone...

Now that is a good looking phone! I love these color telephones, that were mounted on the kitchen wall.  I can recall the my Aunt having this same style of phone, in her kitchen for decades. It was turquoise. And loud as hell when it rang. This is when you could be outside playing... and hear the phone ringing over all the racket you were making in the yard. And go running to answer the phone.  :)   

She kept that same phone well into the 1990's before she had it removed. Yes, removed. Even though it had hanged, in her kitchen, since around 1961. She has never "owned" it.  After all those years of paying that monthly fee, for a Bell telephone.  They still came out and got it from her! When she finally broke down and had it replaced with a push button phone. 

This ad is from 1959. And I have one of these too in the collection... 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

~ Vintage pink telephones - 1958 pink desk phone...

As I went looking for a picture of that space saver phone, I am now obsess with... I came across lots of great vintage advertisement's. For the best years of color telephones. So get prepare, for a weeks worth of vintage phone advertisements.

This ad is from 1958.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

~ Vintage goodness for the kitchen - Sperry Drifted Snow Flour... decanters...

I love these Hazel Atlas bowls. The green ivy design had a time period, where it was a popular theme on kitchenware. 

So I was excited to see these wonder juice decanters, that were give ways from Sperry Drifted Snow Flour. That has the lovely green ivy design wrapping around the juice jar.

image from here... and currently for sale! 

The seller as a case of them for sale too! Look at that amazing case of vintage kitchen goodness! Then add to it they have a yellow lid. I just adore vintage green and yellow kitchen wares.

image from here... and they are all looking for a new home!

These charming decanters are made by Federal Glass. So they will be a nice piece of glassware for the cabinet. As if I have any more room, for new additions, to my kitchen.  

Friday, September 04, 2015

~ Vintage baking - Adam's Extract - German Chocolate Pound Cake

I have been looking for this recipe for over a year. 

Many years ago... while visiting the State Fair of Texas... I picked up a recipe card for a German Chocolate Pound Cake. This was back in the late 1980's. And became my go to cake to make for events. Especially if I knew it had to travel in the car with me. 

It makes an excellent dense moist cake. Adding on the traditional coconut/pecan icing,  just makes it ridiculously good. And shows off  how great this cake turns out. 

Somehow my original recipe card, was lost.  Which drove me crazy. I knew it was a cake recipe, from a well know baking product. I was constantly looking at older recipes for it. 

It turns out... it was from Adam's Extract! 

I knew it had real buttermilk... and butter extract in the recipe. I rarely used butter extract. And had it for this cake recipe. Anywho.. those were the key ingredients, I was looking for as I hunted for the one I had used for years.  I am so thrilled that all those hours roaming on Pinterest... were not wasted!  :)