Saturday, August 22, 2015

~ Things on eBay... more Melmac Confetti bowls...

image from here... and currently for sale.... 

I just can not stop lurking around eBay.  There is so many good things that show up daily. 

This is my first time seeing a chip and dip set in Melmac... in the confetti pattern. It even has its metal arm. This would bring all kinds of greatness to a party table. 

image from here... and looking for a new home

I did purchase a couple more Melmac bowls... that I have not had the time to photograph. They are amazing. I love the weird bold colors bowls, the most. Here is an image that was with the auction. 

Oh yea.... green and pink splatter! They are just amazing. I really do love the weird color mixtures.

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