Saturday, August 01, 2015

~ Things in the mail... Melmac mixing bowls...

Now I have spoken before about my love, for those vintage Melmac confetti mixing bowls. Currently ZAKS is making this amazing set of bowls in these wonderful fun colors. I am still in love with that orange bowl.  

currently for sale... you can buy them here... 

But what I really wanted, was a set of vintage confetti bowls.  So for months... I have been stalking and bidding on different sets. Watching them sell... for lets be real... scary money.  

I wanted a really great set of Melmac mixing bowls, in a great color pattern.  Like these confetti bowls, that I stalked around after in eBay back in 2013.  And the goal was to obtain a three bowl set. 

Oh my... what is in that wad of paper??? 

After months of bidding... and losing... I finally won a three bowl set! My very own confetti bowls. And to my own amazement.... they were not pink!  Now lets get a tiny look at what is in that wad of paper... 

They are turquoise! A gorgeous blend of turquoise, pink and yellow speckles. I could not be any more pleased!

Let me show you the original listing pictures... which were lovely. 

I really thought they were a nice soft turquoise color... on this set of bowls. And would look really cute mixed in with all the pink kitchen wares I own. 

But when I got them unloaded from the box... I realize they were actually a lot bolder in color, in person. Woo hoo!

These are just so dang pretty. So I pulled down my vintage Mason jar and my favorite turquoise utensils for a quick picture. 

I still have too much flash on these images... but look how pretty they are! 

This is the one picture that the pink shows up better. Now these gorgeous bowls... are about to get the official scrub down in the sink. With warm water and bleach... with a little rubbing with a Mr. Clean sponge.  :)


Unknown said...

I am so happy for you! Isn't it fun when we acquire a treasure that makes our heart sing?! I'm celebrating with you!

ThrifterSisters said...

Confetti bowls are my newest obsession! I have been fortunate to find them for super cheap at flea markets and garage sales the year. But no pink or turquoise. Yet!


Kelli Davidson said...

Those are great! I love the color of them - I have 2 sets of ZAKS bowl sets that I got at a yard sale for $2 each set............a new bride got them as wedding presents and hated them. I love mine except I accidentally dropped my green one and it hit on a weak spot or something - whatever the reason it shattered into a million pieces................Just love yours though!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I have looked at the ZAKS set. I would not have ever guessed that they would shatter!

But your probably correct... it just happen to hit the one spot, that promptly caused it to shattered. I still love that big crazy ZAK orange confetti bowl. If I could find a full set in orange. I would break down and purchase them.

I really did stalk around eBay for months, looking for a set of 3 matching bowls. I am still looking through the new listings. Hoping that I might get lucky with a set of pink ones.

But I am entirely too cheap, to pay the 100.00+ price they seem to sell for....