Sunday, August 30, 2015

~ The one thing I truly want... and can't get to! Pink Formica!

image is from here... and currently for sale!

Again, the one thing I want more than life for my kitchen. Is some pink Formica. To have a amazing pink Formica kitchenette set. That is not much to ask for, is it?

I originally saw this kitchenette set for sale... a few years ago. Say 3/4 years ago? It has been awhile. 

(I even wrote about this set in 2013! Look towards the bottom of the page)

As I am stalking around eBay, looking for a particular vintage pink phone. This shows up in the search results. The amazing pink telephone table with its matching pink dinette. That I had lusted over. And would have bought immediately. Had it been anywhere near Texas. I have the cash in my purse! 

But ohhh nooooo. It resides in the state of  Massachusetts. Seriously. Massachusetts! 
image from here... and currently looking for a new home...

Are you kidding me?!?! Look at how perfect these chairs are... in all their pink glory. How can this amazing pink kitchen set,  never have sold?!?  

image from here... and currently looking for a new home... 

Look at that table top! My favorite style of table top too! Rectangular with the rounded off corners. And it has a leaf! A matching pink formica leaf! Ugh! 

Again I ask. How can this amazing set of mid century goodness. Not be living in my home!?!  Whyyyy....

All images are from here... the eBay sale page...

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