Monday, August 31, 2015

~ Have you seen them too? Did you buy them? Purple Mason Jars..

Once again I am buying these gorgeous colored Ball Mason Jars. I had saw these a couple months ago. And talked myself out of buying them. I already had a few boxes of the turquoise jars from 2013. Some that I released into my kitchen cabinets, for daily use. A couple cases I saved. 

These were both part of the limited edition Heritage collection series, from Ball.  They did release a odd color green last year. I was not crazy about the shade of green used on them. So I did not buy any of green Ball jars.  

But I really like these purple jars. They did look a little dark. But really they are a nice see-throughly color. 

I placed a white cloth in one to show that. They are a nice color and you can see through the glass. 

I am sad that this is the last of the color series, for Ball canning jars. I was hoping that Jarden Home Brands/Ball Jar manufacturer... was going to issue a pink Mason jar! 

It is looking like I am going to end up buying at least one case of the wide mouth quart jars, in purple. I keep going back and looking at them. Thinking of ways I could use them. They really are a great size jar. And I love the one vintage Ball jar, that I use to hold utensils in on the kitchen cabinet.


Heather said...

I need to buy a couple of cases of these before they are gone too! The purple is a really pretty color when it's filled with something or an iced drink. I just love that they've brought back the colored jars, if even just for a while! I'd never put a straw and lid on an old one and drink from it, but these new ones are perfect for just that!


Farm Girl Pink... said...

I am going to get those purple quart size jars too. (As if I need something else to figure out where to store them.) But the more I look at the pint jars... the more I like the color of them.