Thursday, July 02, 2015

~ Looking for more Turquoise.... and Chickens!

There is so much to love about this kitchen. During those mid-century years, there was some really great use of color. Like turquoise. My goodness, those are some exquisite turquoise painted cabinets. Accessorized with those amazing wooden chicken canister sets. 

 Currently for sale... and looking for a new home!!!

I love those wooden sets of chicken goodness. I have collected some of the wooden chicken kitchen items... that were not canisters. Spice and general use, shakers mostly. 

Somewhere, I even have a set of wooden hamburger patty presses, with the painted chicken design on them too.  I had no idea what they were originally. But they were cute! And they matched a couple of my shakers. So they came home with me. And my Mother told me what they were. 

I will say, that these wooden chicken kitchenware's are actually plentiful, locally. These must have had a good 20 year run, before they died off.  The one thing I have looked for and not found locally... is the long handle shakers. The ones that would have been part of a BBQ set. I suspect they just did not make it past a decent Summer of use here. The heat and humidity are awful and just warps all kinds of good things.

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