Thursday, June 25, 2015

~ Kitchen remodel from 1948... with Ashphalt tile....

Building Products Limited - Asphalt Tile - 1948

Oh, my goodness. I am on turquoise over load. Look at those dazzling checker floors. With the white steel cabinets. Black Formica counter tops. What I really love are those turquoise tile floors. 

Then as I look around, to see what kind of decorating choice that were made... I see that wonderful eat in area... in yellow and green plaid! 

I have never lost any of my love for the vintage yellow and green kitchens. What is more amazing, is how decorators were not afraid... of using multiple bold colors in a small kitchen. Which can not be said for today's decorators. Whom are determine to use fifty shades of brown, in every room in the house.

image from here... via pinterest...

1 comment:

Mecky said...

Isn't that the truth on your comment of Fifty Shades of Brown.

I don't know if I care too much about the walls and floor together, though. I will take the floor, even though I am not too into Turquoise.