Monday, June 22, 2015

~ Chickens on eBay!

Currently for sale and looking for a new home!....

I just adore these vintage chicken/rooster bowls, that started showing up during the Mid Century years.  So many wonder glass items and so little time to find them all for my kitchen. 

These red rooster cereal bowls were made by Hazel Atlas. And everyone knows I have lots of love for all things, Hazel~

 Currently for sale and looking for a new home!.... 

There was a matching mixing bowl set made of these too! But today, I am showing off these wonderful smaller bowls. That do not require having to reorganize the entire kitchen, to add them to your cabinets. Gorgeous!  eBay never disappoints me when I am wanting to find the neat stuff. 

Currently for sale... and looking for a new home!

Now this glorious set was made by Federal Glass. I have not see these blue chickens before in my adventures.  And they are just lovely. 

Currently for sale... and looking for a new home...

They look to be cooking size glassware. One is a loaf pan and the other one is a nice oval bowl. So pretty!

Then of course... the one set of bowls I am still attempting to find local. Those amazing chicken bowls by Glasbake. 

Currently for sale.... and looking for a new home....

I have came across a couple of them in the last year. Both in terrible shape. Missing most of their paint. Cheapest one I saw was 40.00. With its paint missing! Ugh. This adorable turquoise girl, is in excellent condition. She needs a new home! 

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