Thursday, March 05, 2015

~ Vintage Pyrex... the Casserole's...

There is so much curb appeal to these Pyrex casserole's with their cradles. And so many to choose from to match any kitchen. Just when I think I have seen the best of them, I come across something amazing in eBay. 

image from here... and looking for a new home! 

Oh, my. Of course it is pink. It had to be pink. That is a gorgeous piece of kitchen ware.

image from here... and needs a new home! 

The Pyrex part of this amazing casserole dish... is the clear glass insert. A fantastic divided dish. So using this would make a great buffet server during the holidays. 

I love that it has a large round plate under it. So you can use it so many ways. 

As I am thinking nothing could compete with all this gorgeousness... until see this beauty. 

 image from here... and needing it new home! 

Yep. It even came in turquoise!  You know, I am quite fond of Pyrex in turquoise too.


Ree Cee said...

Wow - my heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw the pink Pyrex. I almost fell into cardiac arrest when I saw the turquoise Pyrex! I don't think I would have ever seen these had it not been for you. Thank you! And BTW, I don't stop by every day but when I do, I very much enjoy all the vintage ads that you post. You are doing more than posting pretty pictures. You give us a break from the daily grind and allow our imaginations run nostalgic for those times.

janice15 said...

Im with her my heart skipped a beat too... never saw these before either.. and they have Turquoise.. I get amazed as well when I find something I've never seen on ebay.. lovely.. with love Janice