Saturday, January 03, 2015

~ Gold Medal Flour... Butter Crunch Crust...

As I roam through all the vintage recipes I have collected... I tend to enjoy the ones from the flour companies the best. Be it Swans Down or Gold Medal. They both have a great collection of vintage recipes that are easy to prepare. 

This is a recipe for a great pie crust. Made with butter, brown sugar, pecans and flour. How can this not be amazing? 

After a quick trip to the oven... it ends filled up with pudding!

Friday, January 02, 2015

~ Vintage Pretty...

My goodness... she is exquisite. I love these vintage Vogue's from the 1950's. The clothes in them are just breathtakingly beautiful. Of course these were the golden days of never leaving home without a girdle too. So looking flawless in your pricey linen suit, was not a challenge.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

~ The New Year... with a Bacardi Cocktail...

If there is one thing that Bacardi Rum knows how to do... is to be the heart of a great cocktail. 

I love all these fruity Colada's. I can even recall when I had my first Pina Colada. In New Orleans. When I was 19. Once upon a time the legal drinking age was 18 in Louisiana. Before the Federal Government demanded it be raised to 21. Or lose high way funds. I had a lot of fun in Louisiana before I was 30. It was the best place you could go with a pack of girls. And it not financially break you. 

But it is were they had these wonderful stores called Daiquiri To Go... (or something similar) A wall filled with these Slurpee looking machines... filled with daiquiri's. You get yourself a nice 24 oz drink with a lid and a straw. And go walk around the quarter and enjoy the afternoon.

~ It's A New Year...

~ See you in December for more Holiday Fun....

This is unfortunately what the kitchen looks like after that New Year's Eve Party.  Of course the wife can't go to sleep unless it is cleaned up. While the husband is not remotely interested in any of that clean up. 

So Santa leaving us till then... but he is leaving behind lots of good memories for me.