Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday decorating... Noma Bubble Lights & Etc....

NOMA - Christmas Lights... 

Last year, my Mother went through and thinned out her massive Christmas stash of decorations. Which meant I got to add to mine. And add in vintage items she had used in the house since before I was born. Some of them hand me downs to her from my Granny and Great Grandmother's own stash of holiday decorations.

I brought home the NOMA music player. Which still plays... thankyouverymuch. The song this little music player strums out is "Silent Night".  

Last year, I was force to use my old Fuji camera. That is great for taking misc pictures. But awful at the close ups. So I have retaken photo's of my sweet NOMA holiday music player. This wonderful vintage display was marked long ago... as being from 1949. 

As much as I tried. It is kind of hard to get a picture of it showing off its street light. Lit up properly. The image above was done with the room with the lights on. 

I then turned off all the lights. Attempted for a better picture. Still not a good image. It just does not do justice to how cute this little set up is... when it is plugged showing off its holiday happiness. Sitting in the dark. Glowing all that sweetness from that NOMA street light. That is the original bulb. But I never leave it plugged in... unless I am near by. I am always a little spooked about old electric items. That are 65 years old. : )

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