Sunday, December 28, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Smirnoff Vodka...

As I have gotten older... I began to enjoy a cocktail made with good Vodka. And there is a huge difference in Vodka quality. Like Tequila. Taste is better when the price gets higher.  : )   

 Now I do enjoy a Vodka Machete cocktail. And I make mine with Pineapple Orange juice. Kroger's has a frozen Pineapple Orange juice blend. A standard item next to their normal frozen orange juice cans. The cans even look alike. So I have to really read the label to make sure I get the correct cans. But this pineapple orange juice, can be used for many drinks! It is a perfect blend of the two fruits.  

(Did I mention it is just as good with a little Captain Morgan instead of  Vodka?)

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