Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails.... Keeping it simple with Amaretto...

Let me tell you... Amaretto makes a fine cocktail. Get yourself a Mason Jar and a straw. Some crushed ice... pour 3-4 ounces of Amaretto over the ice. Then top off with my favorite Pineapple Orange juice. Enjoy the afternoon!

~ Holiday Cocktails... Southern Comfort cocktails...

How about a little Southern Comfort and Tonic?  Not a bad cocktail. It is a nice blend of whiskey with a fruity/spicy taste. Which makes it outstanding to use in many cocktails. You can use it with Coke, Sprite, 7 Up, orange juice and of course just over crushed ice.

~ Holiday Greetings... Have a Great New Year's Eve...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Tom Collins...

This is probably the only gin drink I like. A Tom Collins. Then again I make it using fresh made lemon-aide and add in the Gin.  

There is just something about Gin, I am just not a fan of the taste. I have friends who love a Martini made with Gin. But I think they taste like... what I image finger nail polish remover would taste like.  Very harsh and burns to drink. 

But I am thinking I might like this Cuervo Tom Collins. It's on my list to try out! 

Monday, December 29, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Pilgrim Rum...

It may be noticeable, that I can appreciate a little Rum in my cocktails.  These three cocktails are made with Pilgrim Rum.

I have also notice through the years... I tend to like a cocktail that Grenadine is involved too. 

And of course the standard Cuba Libre. Crushed ice, Rum, Lime Juice and Coke! Yum!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Smirnoff Vodka...

As I have gotten older... I began to enjoy a cocktail made with good Vodka. And there is a huge difference in Vodka quality. Like Tequila. Taste is better when the price gets higher.  : )   

 Now I do enjoy a Vodka Machete cocktail. And I make mine with Pineapple Orange juice. Kroger's has a frozen Pineapple Orange juice blend. A standard item next to their normal frozen orange juice cans. The cans even look alike. So I have to really read the label to make sure I get the correct cans. But this pineapple orange juice, can be used for many drinks! It is a perfect blend of the two fruits.  

(Did I mention it is just as good with a little Captain Morgan instead of  Vodka?)

~ Holiday Cocktails... Seven-Up Punch...

****Seven-Up Red Satin Punch...****

Saturday, December 27, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Coke, Rum and Ice Cream...

Oh, my. I do love a Coke Float. And what can make it down right amazing... is a shot of Captain Morgan Rum. Drop the ice cream in first... pour the rum over it. Then add Coke. And get a long handle teaspoon. 

I still love Coke from a ice cold glass bottle!

~ Holiday Cocktails.... A little punch with Sprite...

There are so many amazing and fun cocktails recipes for those holiday parties. So be prepared for a weeks worth of them from me. I love a great cocktail. Something sweet with some carbonation. I love some fizz in my drinks! Which is why I love Sprite Zero. It is amazing. Lots of sweet with that wonderful hard fizz. The kind of hard fizz you get from Original Coke. That wonder amazing burn that only comes from good fizz... 

And I bet this vintage Tingle Bell Punch with Sprite.... would be just as stunning using Sprite Zero!

Of course, I spent a little quality time surfing around Pinterest. Looking for these vintage cocktail advertisements. Practically everyone of them led me back to here... where you can spend hours looking through amazing advertisements for oodles of things!

Friday, December 26, 2014

~ Holiday Parties... with Coke!

Coca Cola - The Mid Century Years...

Nothing better, than glass bottle Coke's... that have been iced down in a aluminum tub!

More Vintage Holiday goodness... Hallmark Paper Doll Card..

Hallmark Christmas Card - This is Cynthia!

Hallmark Cards have always had a wonderful line of cards for girls. These paper doll cards go back to the 1940's for Hallmark. There were dozens of them issued. Mostly all drawn by Vivian Trillow Smith. She was responsible for drawing so many gorgeous vintage greeting cards for all occasions. Just lots of pretty cards. 

This is the second Hallmark paper doll card I posted this season. They are just so festive. 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

~ Holiday Traditions... Christmas Vacation...

I had intentions of doing a quick post for late Christmas night... with just a picture from one of my favorite Christmas movies. 

image from here....

But it turned out to be impossible to choose just one image. 

Because of Cousin Eddie and all of his glorious fashion sense... I saw many images to use. And found it impossible to use just one. 

There is just something about the high fashion glamor of that dickey. That makes him impossible to ignore.

Then of course.... there is that most epic moment... when Eddie gives it his all. In his bathrobe. Beer and cigar in hand.

Ladies, he is hard to resist. 

 image from here....

Poor Clark. He never stood a chance...

And if the dickey wasn't enough to bring out all his glamor. Eddie steps up his game with the blue leisure suit. 

Then I saw this "Hey Girl" and knew I had finally located the best image yet!

~ A Joyful Christmas Day....

*** Merry Christmas ***

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

~ Happy Holidays!

With lots of love from The Grinch & Max...

~ Holiday Wrapping... making it all pretty!

I was digging through my Mother's gift tag box and came upon this vintage beauty. This would date back to the early 1970's. It is amazing what has lasted for decades in that box. Too bad there isn't any vintage wrapping paper, from that time period, still hanging around. 

But I did stumble across this lovely pretty girl wrapping paper in Pinterest. Even if I had this to use... I would find it hard to cut it up!

But I do have quite a bit of pink & orange colored theme wrapping paper and gift tags. That I hunted down a couple years ago when it was so popular. I love cheery Christmas paper that is not in the standard colors of green and red.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktail's from Bacardi & Coca Cola....

Bacardi and Coca Cola.... 
The best possible cocktail for this evening.

~ Holiday Treats.... Karo Popcorn balls!

I find these candy popcorn balls more addicting that Rice Crispy Treats. I love popcorn balls. We made these every year when I was a kid. Then when I ended up with a mouth full of braces... I had to stop eating them. These sticky goodies are brutal to a set of metal braces. 

We never did any fancy designs. Just the little round balls in different colors. Then rolled them in Saran Wrap.

I do remember wearing rubber gloves to hand roll them... because that Karo sugary syrup is really too hot to handle, with your bare hands.

Monday, December 22, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Miller High Life....

Taste and Enjoy this truly genuine Milwaukee beer... 
Miller High Life... 

Not gonna lie... I like this beer. My favorite flavor is Miller Chill. (it has lime) Sadly, like other things that I enjoy... Miller Brewery has allegedly discontinued the Chill. I can't find it anymore to buy. And living in North Texas. Miller Beer has a huge market share here. But it is looking like they done killed off the Chill in Texas. And I can't stand the taste of Miller Lite. High Life is not a bad choice. I just wish Miller Chill had survived. : ( 

Anywho... the beer folks really do have some amazing vintage advertisements. And this one is brought to you from Miller!

~ Vintage Holiday... Vogue Magazine...

Vogue Magazine - December 15, 1914

Sunday, December 21, 2014

~ Holiday Cocktails... Puerto Rican Rum...

Yes, I am a girl who does enjoy a great cocktail made with Rum. 
This is a nice collection of quick recipes for Puerto Rican Rum cocktails. 

~ Holiday Baking with Jell-O... Boston Cream Cake...

Oh yea, I am a huge fan of pudding by Jell-O, in my cake recipes. Ever since I learned the trick to always add in a small package of instant vanilla pudding into my cake batter. I have had amazingly moist cakes. 

And this looks like a quick way to make a Boston Cream Cake using Jell-O pudding!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday decorating... Noma Bubble Lights & Etc....

NOMA - Christmas Lights... 

Last year, my Mother went through and thinned out her massive Christmas stash of decorations. Which meant I got to add to mine. And add in vintage items she had used in the house since before I was born. Some of them hand me downs to her from my Granny and Great Grandmother's own stash of holiday decorations.

I brought home the NOMA music player. Which still plays... thankyouverymuch. The song this little music player strums out is "Silent Night".  

Last year, I was force to use my old Fuji camera. That is great for taking misc pictures. But awful at the close ups. So I have retaken photo's of my sweet NOMA holiday music player. This wonderful vintage display was marked long ago... as being from 1949. 

As much as I tried. It is kind of hard to get a picture of it showing off its street light. Lit up properly. The image above was done with the room with the lights on. 

I then turned off all the lights. Attempted for a better picture. Still not a good image. It just does not do justice to how cute this little set up is... when it is plugged showing off its holiday happiness. Sitting in the dark. Glowing all that sweetness from that NOMA street light. That is the original bulb. But I never leave it plugged in... unless I am near by. I am always a little spooked about old electric items. That are 65 years old. : )