Thursday, November 06, 2014

~ When your favorite products get discontinued... Make-up woes...

Charles of the Ritz - 1962

It has been probably close to a decade now, that Charles of the Ritz stopped selling their custom blended face powders. 

I had been a huge fan and consumer of their loose face powder since the 80's. I have always had an odd coloring. Fair with yellow undertones. And Charles of the Ritz were the only makeup brand, that would do a custom blend, for the ladies with odd coloring.

I had a standing appointment with a nice lady at the local Dillard's. I bought powder once every three months. Without fail. I have always been that girl. The girl who always has her face on. I don't slum around Kroger's in ratty sweats and flip flops. I am the weirdo in her starched matching outfit... with a face full of makeup. 

So image my horror when Charles of the Ritz decided to discontinue this service. I was devastated. But with a little help from eBay. I went on a spending spree. And bought up all kinds of loose Ritz powders, in my key colors. 

Since I had my recipe for my personal color. I could duplicate it in my bathroom. And I had oodles of old powder containers that I had kept. So I was able to keep up with  my needs for a while. Sadly, I have been getting very low on powder. And have been searching for a replacement. Which is not easy. 

I had a friend mention, she had been using a loose face powder, she was buying from e.l.f. that she was very pleased with. I really had not look into their product line before. But a few weeks ago they were having a site wide sale... so I decided to buy a few things. 

I am so glad that I took the time to look through the e.l.f. site. I bought all kinds of goodies. And they had a great yellow powder... that I can blend with another shade to make the color I need. 

 Max Factor - 1952

I got a big box full of makeup for around 35.00 dollars. Which is what I would spend on one container of Ritz powder.  I had also been annoyed with Max Factor since they pulled out of the US market too. Because I had used their Pan-Stik foundation, since high school.

Max Factor - 1948

Max Factor had so many shades. And I had three that I kept on hand. Depending on what time of year it was. But poof...  they were gone too! Yet, I was able to finally get a replacement for it too from e.l.f. without it costing me a small fortune.

 Max Factor - 1948

But I still miss Max Factor original Pan-Stik!


Roxanne said...

I remember the Max Factor makeup. I don't think I found a shade of it that looked right on me. My best friend and I were equally pale but she had the olive/yellow undertones and I was rosy pink, so we often ended up swapping what we had originally bought for ourselves. I've never heard of Charles of the Ritz but that's neat how they'd custom-blend a shade for you.

My most missed make up product was a Maybelline lip gloss stick called Kissing Koolers. The peppermint was my favorite.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Max Factor had at one point... had clearly marked their foundation... if it was a "cool" or "warm" undertone foundation.

It was their warm undertone pan stik that I was addicted to. They had a fabulous pale one, that I just have not been able to find a replacement for.

The pan sticks I bought from e.l.f. are not a bad substitute. But it is not as covering as the Max Factor.

And I am still annoyed at Revlon for buying out Charles of the Ritz... just to kill the brand off.

Rosie said...

Thanks for suggesting ELf. I've been buying my discontinued foundation on ebay for years but it is quickly disappearing!