Saturday, November 08, 2014

~ Vintage Frigidaire - The tragedy of the 1970's....

House Beautiful - September 1974

Oh my. This is what my nightmares are filled with. A vintage kitchen packed full of tragic interior design. With mushroom covered wallpaper. Brown wallpaper. With red topped mushrooms. *shudder*  And not an upper cabinet in sight, to soften all that unfortunate wallpaper either. Then add in those burnt red appliances. Oh Frigidaire how could you!?!

And we have Frigidaire to thank for that advertisement! How could my all time favorite appliance maker... be part of the heinous colors of the 1970's! 

House Beautiful - September 1974

Pomona Tile was there too. Offering you a matching bathroom. Or matching tiled counter tops! *shudder* (Kill it all! Kill it with fire!)

Which makes me wonder. With all the new homes filled with fifty shades of brown now. What home buyers will think in twenty years. When there is nothing but homes packed full of brown tile, brown granite and brown hand scrapped floors. I suspect it won't be positive. : )


Mecky said...

That really is a nightmare. I think the 70's had the worst designs. That is the worst wallpaper I have EVER seen!!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

That wallpaper is just tragic. But in a wonderful, awful way.

There is some truly odd color decisions from the 1970's.

Since I was a small child during that time period... I have very vivid memories of the over use of mushrooms and owls, in home decor. And none of it was attractive. :)

Mecky said...

You are so right about the mushrooms and owls. I think the only thing good that came out of the 70's was the rock music. It was the decade of "What were they thinking?" or maybe more like "What were they ON?"