Sunday, November 30, 2014

~ Vintage Cotton Apron.... lots of Poodle love...

Now I have always appreciated vintage poodle theme kitchen items. There was oodles of this stuff produced. In so many wonderful designs printed on cotton. So coming across this vintage apron in its original state, is a gift from the vintage gods.

Still crisp and true in colors. No fading what so ever. The images so pretty and clean. 

Every thing you would need to complete it to full apron form. From the pocket to the sashes. Its all here on one piece of cotton. The name on this one is Aprinette. 

So simple and so cute! And I have always had that deep love for red polka dots too! 

Now what could be better than locating a vintage apron in uncut condition? 

That's right! There were two of the vintage apron pattern prints, still attached in their original form. Look at all that poodle goodness! 

That was purchase from the estate sale for fifty cents! My Mother was the one that found this charming piece of vintage cotton. Along with some other goodies for me. But I wanted to show off this apron. As I was stunned that it was still in such amazing condition. I have always notice that the bold color of cottons... tend to fade over time. But this little piece of heaven, must have been stashed somewhere with no natural light getting to it.

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janice15 said...

So awesome find and what a deal... With love Janice

Unknown said...

OHHHHH cute!! I love these old panels, I have a ton of Christmas ornament panels I should get out and have the kids sew up! Thanks for the reminder : )

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I would love to find some to buy at Hancock's, that were holiday themed.

I like it when all I have to do is hems on projects. And everything s already beautifully done for me! :)