Monday, November 24, 2014

~ More Vintage Sewing Notions... Spools!

J&P Coats Spool Cotton Thread Box with thread spools

Vintage sewing notions... love them. As I have roamed over the years and collected odd things, these vintage wooden spools are something I tend to pick up if they are fun colors. 

I realize after I started to gather some up for a photo... I don't have any with white or black thread. They are all some obvious bright color, for the most part.

I see that most of these vintage spools were .15 cents each. And to be honest these are a nice quality thread. All cotton thread. These do not break easily. 

Which is something you can not say about a lot of new sewing thread now. I notice that years ago that there is a distinct difference in cheapo white thread from Wal-Mart and a pricey spool from Hancock's.

I see am going to have to make an effort to get all these spools together, in one place. I had to dig around in 4 different places for them. I pick a couple up randomly and they tend to end up in odd drawers. One in the kitchen... one in my closet... the bedroom dresser drawer and a odd box I keep in my linen closet. Which I found a set of clip on butterfly earrings, I had no memory of buying. 

Along with a tiny Piso's Almanac from 1909.

Yea... I do find the oddest things and they all seem to follow me home.

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