Saturday, November 15, 2014

~ Hazel Atlas - Green Ivy Mixing bowls...

Hazel Atlas - Mixing bowls

Well, lookie at these pretty girls. New to my home. A glorious gift of green...  from a very lovely lady who lives in Minnesota.  My Mother had took a trip with a friend a month or so back... for a few days to Minnesota. And part of their plan was a drive into Canada. I had mention to my Mother, if she drove into Canada. She better not return without a piece of Canada issued Pyrex for me! : )  I needed something fun to add to my collection of mixing bowls. 

So my bizarre request became the joke of the trip. That I needed a piece of Canadian issued Pyrex. Well sadly, she did not locate me anything interesting from the Pyrex family. But the Mother, of the friend she traveled with... sent home to me. These positively precious Hazel Atlas mixing bowls. With the green ivy leaves. And I just love them. I have always had lots of love for the vintage green kitchen stuff.

The thing about collecting vintage glassware in Texas... is the cost. As odd as it might seem to girls in the mid west... whom get to see this stuff all over the place. Is there was not an over abundance of vintage kitchen glassware in Texas. We had no glass plants here manufacturing it. So what ever made it this far is limited. Where as when I have been in Indiana visiting... there was wonderful glassware all over the place to purchase for fair prices. 

If you are buying it in Texas. You will be paying a high price for it. Period. So it is why I have stalked estate sales and garage sales for decades. Looking for vintage glass to buy at reasonable prices. Because it has always been grossly over inflated here in cost. Especially at the antique stores. And even Goodwill if you can find it.

And of course if the camera comes out... and Pink Stripe Pyrex wants her picture taken too! As you can see from these last couple images... these are a nice size Hazel Atlas mixing bowl. The perfect size for a serving bowl, for daily use on the dining room table. 

Plus of above all things... it's HAZEL ATLAS! And I do have that sicko fascination for all things Hazel!

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janice15 said...

Wonderful, so glad you got something. They are lovely with love Janice

Unknown said...

Love the pink and white one...thank you for sharing...HPS Michelle

ThrifterSisters said...

I love those HA Ivy bowls. I have huge stack in all sizes. I just can't stop buying them!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I really do have some sicko need to have the Hazel Atlas glassware.

They made some of the prettiest things for the kitchen.