Tuesday, November 04, 2014

~ Frigidaire - The last of the pretty electric range's...

Ladies Home Journal - March 1964

Well this was probably the last campaign of the pretty color enamel electric range's from Frigidaire. I love these wonderful colorful appliances.

This is my favorite style of the Frigidaire's. Love the dual ovens. Love the wide top cook range. If it was pink. It would be perfection. Yet, the turquoise is amazing too! 

This bold yellow beauty is just divine. It also has the dual ovens. With the pull out lower oven pan for easy cleaning. That is one of the pluses of these vintage ovens. Before the whole self cleaning versions enter the market.  These had the pull out inner's. So cleaning the oven did not require you on your knee's, with your head in the oven.

And best of all. These Frigidaire's were part of the General Motors Company. And calling out a repair man was not a nightmare. Have you attempted to get a repairman to your home now for an appliance repair. Ugh. You better hope you purchased that extended warranty from the direct manufacturer. And not that store sponsor one that the sales man forced on you.

Finally here is the pink range. Oh, how I love these pink enamel ranges. Yet, I still would want the turquoise range above. Just in pink!