Sunday, November 30, 2014

~ Vintage Cotton Apron.... lots of Poodle love...

Now I have always appreciated vintage poodle theme kitchen items. There was oodles of this stuff produced. In so many wonderful designs printed on cotton. So coming across this vintage apron in its original state, is a gift from the vintage gods.

Still crisp and true in colors. No fading what so ever. The images so pretty and clean. 

Every thing you would need to complete it to full apron form. From the pocket to the sashes. Its all here on one piece of cotton. The name on this one is Aprinette. 

So simple and so cute! And I have always had that deep love for red polka dots too! 

Now what could be better than locating a vintage apron in uncut condition? 

That's right! There were two of the vintage apron pattern prints, still attached in their original form. Look at all that poodle goodness! 

That was purchase from the estate sale for fifty cents! My Mother was the one that found this charming piece of vintage cotton. Along with some other goodies for me. But I wanted to show off this apron. As I was stunned that it was still in such amazing condition. I have always notice that the bold color of cottons... tend to fade over time. But this little piece of heaven, must have been stashed somewhere with no natural light getting to it.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

~ More Vintage Sewing Notions... Spools!

J&P Coats Spool Cotton Thread Box with thread spools

Vintage sewing notions... love them. As I have roamed over the years and collected odd things, these vintage wooden spools are something I tend to pick up if they are fun colors. 

I realize after I started to gather some up for a photo... I don't have any with white or black thread. They are all some obvious bright color, for the most part.

I see that most of these vintage spools were .15 cents each. And to be honest these are a nice quality thread. All cotton thread. These do not break easily. 

Which is something you can not say about a lot of new sewing thread now. I notice that years ago that there is a distinct difference in cheapo white thread from Wal-Mart and a pricey spool from Hancock's.

I see am going to have to make an effort to get all these spools together, in one place. I had to dig around in 4 different places for them. I pick a couple up randomly and they tend to end up in odd drawers. One in the kitchen... one in my closet... the bedroom dresser drawer and a odd box I keep in my linen closet. Which I found a set of clip on butterfly earrings, I had no memory of buying. 

Along with a tiny Piso's Almanac from 1909.

Yea... I do find the oddest things and they all seem to follow me home.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

~ Vintage Sewing Notions... J & P Coats Cotton threads...

Best Six Cord Cotton Thread for Hand and Machine
 J&P Coats

I am one of my family historians, that still has a pulse. I am not the first one to work on my family tree. But I am the last one standing. So many of my older family members have passed away over the last decade. The ones who had been researching, before I was even born. Since I have had this interest in my families past. 

It has lead to the oddest things ending up in my possession. From pictures, bibles, vintage military papers, postcards, Holiday greetings, all kinds of old letters written between sisters... long deceased.  A couple set of lucky domino's of my great grandfathers. Just a potpourri of really neat  oddities. I will take anything that comes with a odd connection to my family. 

So this is how I have ended up with this sweet vintage cardboard box for thread, from J&P Coats. A vintage box that they sold spools of white thread in for your every day sewing needs.  And J&P Coats are still very much in the thread business. All these decades later too. 

The box has my great Aunts name written in pencil on it. Her maiden name. She married in 1920. So I am going to place this box as being made prior to October 1920. I grabbed a couple of old wooden spools of thread I have... to give you an idea about the size of the box. If you look closely towards beneath the spools. You can see the imprint of a 4 inch rules measurements designed onto the box. So nifty!

You may have notice, that I have a glorious turquoise and pink cotton apron, in the back ground of all these pictures. 

That was a gift from ImagiMeri. I participate in an Easter Swap a year ago. 

And she was my swap partner. This gorgeous apron was in that magical Easter swap box.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

~ Holiday Baking... Jell-O Pudding Pecan Pie....

Jell-O Pudding Pecan Pie

This is an little oddity in the pecan pie world of recipes. It's filling is based with vanilla pudding. Instead of sugar. But yet still has the corn syrup.

  • 1 package vanilla pudding & pie filling (3.25 ounce pkg)
  • 1 cup corn syrup
  • 3/4 cup evaporated milk
  • 1 egg, slightly beaten
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 1 unbaked pie shell (8 inch)
Stir together pudding mix with corn syrup. Gradually add milk and egg, stirring to blend. Then add pecans. Pour into pie shell. Bake at 375° until top is firm and just begins to crack, about 40 min. Cool at least 3 hrs. This pie is just a little less sweet than traditional pecan pie.
I probably made 6 standard pecan pies, before I figure out how to get it to set up correctly. Because it is all about it getting hot enough... for long enough... to have that stunning wonderful sweet center to get firm. Without over cooking the whole thing.  
I always use a Marie Callender's Pie Shell. Findable in the Kroger's frozen food section. Come two to a package. The best one I have used. Period. 

Now I made this version of the pecan pie over the Summer. And it actually turned out perfect with the first attempt. I don't find it as sweet as one made with the sugar and corn syrup. It also cooked in less than 40 minutes too. Instead of an hour, like the traditional recipe. So if you are feeling like making a simpler Pecan Pie, this Thanksgiving... this might be the recipe for you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

~ Hazel Atlas - Green Ivy Mixing bowls...

Hazel Atlas - Mixing bowls

Well, lookie at these pretty girls. New to my home. A glorious gift of green...  from a very lovely lady who lives in Minnesota.  My Mother had took a trip with a friend a month or so back... for a few days to Minnesota. And part of their plan was a drive into Canada. I had mention to my Mother, if she drove into Canada. She better not return without a piece of Canada issued Pyrex for me! : )  I needed something fun to add to my collection of mixing bowls. 

So my bizarre request became the joke of the trip. That I needed a piece of Canadian issued Pyrex. Well sadly, she did not locate me anything interesting from the Pyrex family. But the Mother, of the friend she traveled with... sent home to me. These positively precious Hazel Atlas mixing bowls. With the green ivy leaves. And I just love them. I have always had lots of love for the vintage green kitchen stuff.

The thing about collecting vintage glassware in Texas... is the cost. As odd as it might seem to girls in the mid west... whom get to see this stuff all over the place. Is there was not an over abundance of vintage kitchen glassware in Texas. We had no glass plants here manufacturing it. So what ever made it this far is limited. Where as when I have been in Indiana visiting... there was wonderful glassware all over the place to purchase for fair prices. 

If you are buying it in Texas. You will be paying a high price for it. Period. So it is why I have stalked estate sales and garage sales for decades. Looking for vintage glass to buy at reasonable prices. Because it has always been grossly over inflated here in cost. Especially at the antique stores. And even Goodwill if you can find it.

And of course if the camera comes out... and Pink Stripe Pyrex wants her picture taken too! As you can see from these last couple images... these are a nice size Hazel Atlas mixing bowl. The perfect size for a serving bowl, for daily use on the dining room table. 

Plus of above all things... it's HAZEL ATLAS! And I do have that sicko fascination for all things Hazel!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Burlington House Fabrics...

Ladies Home Journal - March 1947

This amazing living room is brought to by Burlington House Fabrics... 

I love seeing lots of bold colors from this time period. It is not a typical color scheme from the 1940's... for an average home. Yet this living room is so cheerful.

Once upon a color scheme...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

~ Vintage goodness - Chenille Bedspreads from Morgan Jones...

Ladies Home Journal - October 1948

These Morgan Jones chenille bedspreads are truly a gorgeous thing to have.  They also were makers of the hobnail style bedspreads too!

I have a couple of these bedspreads in my collection. Both of them are a pink base spread with white chenille or hobnails. 

These were really a nice quality linen. And really have held up over the years. But those old hobnail bedspreads weigh a ton. 

Now I rarely see the old bathroom rugs. Maybe once a year I will stumble across one at an antique mall. And those are pricey rugs, if I do see them. 

I recently saw a shower curtain that made me think of this advertisement. It is nice to see the chenille style of linens, still have a place in the market of new things to decorate your bathroom or bedroom with.

Monday, November 10, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Shag by Patcraft....

Southern Living Magazine - June 1970

Oh, my.  Is it wrong that I really find that lime green shag carpet amazing?! 

Lets be real... I would have that hot pink shag in my bedroom, if I could find it. : ) Then have lots of white bed linens to compliment the hot pink shag!

 And all this glorious shag carpet is brought to you by... shag by Patcraft @ 1970.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

~ Vintage Kitchen... Kholer Sinks!

House Beautiful - July 1974

Ohhhh those 70's kitchen color decisions. How can you not love a cheeky orange sink!?! At least it is not Burnt Sienna. (Oh how I detest that burnt orange shade of Sienna.) All these sinks were on the bright happy side of orange, red, green and yellow.

What originally caught my eye was the red sink. My Granny had that sink in her kitchen. In green. 

Again I ask... why have the manufacturers abandoned color kitchen fixtures? I would love to have a few color options for a new kitchen sink. And I am not talking about a brown/beige sink either!  LOL!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

~ Vintage Frigidaire - The tragedy of the 1970's....

House Beautiful - September 1974

Oh my. This is what my nightmares are filled with. A vintage kitchen packed full of tragic interior design. With mushroom covered wallpaper. Brown wallpaper. With red topped mushrooms. *shudder*  And not an upper cabinet in sight, to soften all that unfortunate wallpaper either. Then add in those burnt red appliances. Oh Frigidaire how could you!?!

And we have Frigidaire to thank for that advertisement! How could my all time favorite appliance maker... be part of the heinous colors of the 1970's! 

House Beautiful - September 1974

Pomona Tile was there too. Offering you a matching bathroom. Or matching tiled counter tops! *shudder* (Kill it all! Kill it with fire!)

Which makes me wonder. With all the new homes filled with fifty shades of brown now. What home buyers will think in twenty years. When there is nothing but homes packed full of brown tile, brown granite and brown hand scrapped floors. I suspect it won't be positive. : )