Sunday, October 05, 2014

~ Vintage kitchen finds... Craiglist Dallas...

Isn't that a great mid century kitchen. With its original appliances from the General Electric GE 1955 stainless steel appliance collection. With a harvest gold refrigerator. I like how this kitchen is done with browns and stainless steel... yet it still looks like a kitchen. Not some weirdo kitchen... hid in a living room. A lovely old kitchen packed full of custom cabinets.

Anywho.... this lovely vintage kitchen is to be shorty torn out and replace with a updated kitchen. But the home owner is attempting to find a new owner for all this vintage goodness. Thankfully it has listed it on Craiglist's... instead of having it end up in land fill.

Next up... some turquoise love!

There are a few really good vintage kitchen appliances made by General Electric - GE this weekend.

These are amazing! The turquoise range and oven set from General Electric. I bet they were part of an amazing kitchen... that is now long gone. 

Now how about a gorgeous white vintage General Electric stove...

This one looks so good. Either it was rarely used... or the previous owner was an amazing cleaner.  And at $250 it is a great buy! 

Finally, I came across this listing for a set of St. Charles kitchen cabinets. In pale green. I don't know if this is one kitchen with two sinks. Or two different kitchens. I wish the pictures were a little clearer. 

I love that breakfast bar with the hairpin leg. The counter tops... that are the same height as the kitchen cabinets... come in so handy as extra work space.

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