Sunday, October 19, 2014

~ Crisco Shortening - Halloween 1936

I have always been curious why these old shortening advertisements, made the point to sell it as being "digestible". It is just not with Crisco. I have seen it used on other brands too. 

Was there an issue of shortening not being "digestible"?

I am going to add in a random newspaper clipping for making caramels. I have not had the best of luck making candy. Yet, I keep on collecting these older recipes thinking one day I will figure it out. 

I read what looks like a decent simple recipe for Caramel's... and I know I would have an epic failure if I attempt to make this in my own kitchen.


spymay said...

Making caramels isn't that hard, it just requires a lot of patience, a candy thermometer, and a big pot so the sugar napalm doesn't splash out when you add the cream/butter. It's not something you can multitask while making.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

My failure is always the same.

The candy never sets up correctly. Never gets firm. Stays too gooey. I even have 3 different candy thermometers. Yea... not the thermometers fault. It is just me. :)

But I can make peanut brittle. In the microwave! LOL! I found a recipe that actually turns out every time.

What I really want to figure out... is how to make toffee.