Monday, September 08, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Sherwin Williams Stencils - 1910

Sherwin Williams - Stencils - 1910

I have always loved coming across old stenciling in vintage homes. And it has been making a huge comeback in the last decade. The older versions of stencils tend to have more colors used, which brings in more depth of the designs. But a greater pain to paint. 

I find it amusing that the nice man in these pictures, is wearing a nice white shirt with long sleeves. As if stenciling is a easy care-free process. Which of course we all know... it is about impossible not to end up with paint all over your hands and arms. Legs... hair... 

Hey now... that man has finally rolled those sleeves up! 

I have an elderly cousin, who lives in an older Queen Anne style home. Built around 1890. And it went through a kitchen renovation back in the 1940's, when he parents were living there. And that had been the only significant updating the house ever had. Until about 5 years ago. 

But as the contractors were tearing out the 1940's kitchen... they found all the old stenciling from the original kitchen, in the pantry area. 

And everyone was so thrilled to see it. It help dictate how the new renovation colors were chosen. Lots of pale green ended up being the main color choice. 

With splashed of coral and yellow.  

I was amazed with all these detail stencils that was included within this Sherwin Williams booklet. These would have taken a couple weeks to complete. 

Thankfully... so many pretty colors were being used during 1910... 

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