Wednesday, September 03, 2014

~ Pink enamel and the Hen....

You see, I have ten foot ceilings through out my home. Which makes getting to my vintage pink enamel roasting pan, difficult. That happens to include my favorite ceramic red hen.  Who has been roosting in that pink pan... forever. This is the cut out from my kitchen looking into my den. I tend to forget it is up there. Also up there keeping my hen company, is a Fitz & Floyd, kitten shaped... tea pot. Occasionally, I get out my long handle Swiffer thing and take a stab at dusting it. But I am pretty sure the last time that happen was back in March. 

I really do have no clue what all I have in plain sight. I just get use to seeing it daily. So I do get into the mood to rearrange things. Which I have been doing lately. I have taken down all my wall hangings in the kitchen. And currently have it all over my dining room table... attempting to decide what I want to hang back up. Maybe I have it figured out by Halloween.  : )

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