Saturday, September 06, 2014

~ My vintage Sunbeam - The Mixmaster....

 Sunbeam - Mixmaster @ 1969

So I finally came across the advertisement for the Sunbeam Mixmaster from 1969. I wanted to find this fantastic vintage advertisement.... before I showed off my personal Mixmaster from my own kitchen. 

I have had this Harvest Gold beauty since the late 1980's. It gifted to me from a family friend who had used it probably less that 3 times.  She found it too big and clumsy. And just never liked using it. She had the matching, less bulky hand mixer that she used instead. She kept this full size Mixmaster, on the shelf in the pantry and never used it. 

When I was moving out of my parents home. She knew about my pending move. And passed it on to me. Since every girl should have a Sunbeam in her kitchen! 

And now 26 years later. I am still using it. And honestly there is not a thing wrong with my Mixmaster. Besides being Harvest Gold. 

Have I mention, I actually have the Sunbeam blender, from this time period too. And it is avocado green. Still works. But I replaced it in my pantry with a basic black blender years ago. I might be willing to deal with this Harvest Gold mixer... but that avocado green blender is just too tragic in color, for me to have to stare at on the shelf. 

Even if I only use it to make Margarita's with during the Summer.  : )   I don't want to have to see that avocado green blender, mocking me with its tragic color.

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