Friday, September 05, 2014

~ Cooking Brownie's again... this time using Fire King...

Once again I am making brownie's from scratch.... with the recipe from my Aunt Betty Crocker! The woman knows her way around the kitchen. Whom am I to question her magical ways. The last time I attempted to replace my empty can of Baker's Joy... there was none of the shelf. So I settled for PAM baking spray. Which works fine. I still prefer the Baker's Joy. 

Anywho... since I used my favorite round cake pans... I decided to take a couple quick pictures. 

The yellow round pan is Pyrex... and that fabulous Rooster cake pan is from Fire King.

I have a couple more pieces of this pattern. But what I have been on the look out is the set of mixing bowl. 

Full well knowing, that I have no business buying any more mixing bowls sets! I keep looking for the two smaller Rooster bowls. 

Knowing I could always use the smaller one as serving pieces. And mix them in with other smaller mixing bowls I have packed into the cabinets.  : )

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Unknown said...

Hello, I didnt read your entire post...I have a 5 piece chanticleer set, MINT, what exact small bowls are you looking for?