Thursday, September 04, 2014

~ Cookbook for Peanuts!

I have this box of miscellaneous things that have accumulated over the last year. As I have time, I have been scanning them. These older paper items just don't look decent when using a camera. And I do have this smarty pants Epson scanner that I don't use enough.... so these are scans of an interesting vintage Oklahoma Peanuts Cook Book. There is no date on it. It looks to be late 1960's. 

As I was roaming through reading the recipes... I came across some unique recipes. But I am more interested in the ones that end up being candy! 

Seriously, I had no idea that one tiny cook book... could have so many recipes for Peanut Brittle. 

Now there are some good looking cookie recipes... 

Did I mention there are also ice cream recipes and sauces to pour over that ice cream! 

These are more peanut candy and fudge recipes...

I did manage to find a cake recipe I like the look of... with some icing recipes too...

I am puzzled by the use of that brown table cloth used... with all the brown food. 

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