Thursday, September 25, 2014

~ Agee - Pyrex... more fun from Australia!

Make a Meal a Festive Occasion...

I am loving these vintage Agee - Pyrex advertisement from Australia. I am realizing that I am in love with those square ramekins. My kitchen cabinet would really like to have 6 of those sassy bowls. 

There is more of the "Flannel Flower" pattern with this advertisement too. I spied the mixing bowl set in the very bottom corner of the page. In pink! 

And it is a 3 bowl set. I love the shape of the handles on these pink floral bowls. 

Of course it would not be the perfect piece of history.... without a turquoise casserole dish with its lid!

Speaking of Pyrex casserole dishes.... in turquoise.... I saw this one the other day. It is magnificent! And I have never seen one of these in person. Just image how heavy it would be with something cooking in it! 

Ohhh, I came across another jumbo turquoise roasting pan from Pyrex! That thing is huge! 


Unknown said...

Hi, I live in Tasmania, Australia and the little bowls are everywhere here in op shops (our version of thrift stores) they come in lots of colours and varied patterns on them, If i come across a pink set I will snap them up for you let me know what else you like in the Australian pyrex and I will keep an eye out for you it goes really cheaply as I don't think many people collect here we buy them for our shacks (holiday houses) Love the blog

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I am crazy about those little bowls... I have never seen anything like them locally. (Texas)