Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~ Vintage Valentine's.... 1935

I really do enjoy these older children Valentines. The one above is the type that was folded to make a little 3D action. If you look close at the leg of the girl... you will see that it has a cut out line. And once folded on the lines... it gives the illusion of her being bucked off her pony. 

This sweet card with the Boston Terrier is also one that was meant to be set up. The cut out line is around the dogs ears and head area. This one you can see where the card folded to get the dog to sit. 

These cards had been given to my great uncle in 1935 at school. The one from his teacher was dated. And since his Mother never threw out anything... these survive.

I have a couple of odd paper things that were mixed in with these Valentine's. I am puzzled by why small children sent them to one another. I will put them in their own post later on....

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Stacey Johnson said...

I love old Valentines! So fun. Stacey