Monday, August 11, 2014

~ Vintage patterns by Simplicity .....

I have this box filled with misc paper items that I have collected. Things that caught my eye. Nothing earth shattering unique. But pretty things I liked the looks of that made its way home with me. 

Like these vintage sewing patterns by Simplicity. I looked all over the envelopes. The instructions and the actual pattern pieces. Attempting to find a date for them. There was not a year to be found on any of them. I am thinking the 1940's. It is that big flouncy bow on the shirts, that make me think of the 40's. 

This is pattern 1555. For four different blouses. All based on the same basic patterns with slight changes to give four fabulous looks.

As I was looking at the back of the envelope I took at peek at the measurements that a size 16 would have been. 

By this pattern... a size 16... had a 28 inch waist.

And that size 12... was a 25 inch waist. Interesting.  Very interesting. 

With pattern 1541 there are two versions of this one piece dress to be made. Cap sleeves or a little short sleeve. No zippers needed. But that little cap sleeve probably would test your patience getting it to lay correct.

Ultimately both these Simplicity patterns made it home with me, because I loved the art work on the envelopes.

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