Saturday, August 23, 2014

~ Vintage Jeannette Punch bowl set... Fiesta Colors!

I love when something this great shows up on eBay! Oh, my goodness. Isn't that an amazing vintage punch bowl set by Jeannette. In Fiesta colors too! 

I have never seen anything this amazing for a party table. I own a couple of lovely cut glass sets... but nothing as fantastic as this fired on color set by Jeannette.

And it even has the original Slick & Sassy box and recipe booklet too! There are more pictures listed with the eBay post... be sure to take a peek at all of them!

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Unknown said...

Hey there!
I recently bought a Slick and Sassy punchbowl and 12 glasses (4 of each color) and it took me quite a while to figure out anything about them. Thank you for your post!
The cups are all in perfectly fine condition, but the bowl has some pretty sizable areas where the paint has chipped off (the seller had put packing tape across it, which didn't help matters when I removed it).
I guess seeing as you know far more about them than I, I was hoping you could tell me whether it would be sacrilegious to repaint the bowl, and if so, should I try to sell it as is? Is there a market for these bowls even if damaged?