Thursday, August 28, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Lexon Ware and Oneida Melmac sets @ 1967

Is there anything more amazing than the Melmac years? It is one of my favorite highlights of the Mid Century years of decorating. Bright, bold and bedazzling dishes for the kitchen. 

I have chosen a couple advertisements from 1967. This first one is from Lenoxware line of Melmac. I have been saving these vintage ad's to help ID pieces I come up with in my adventures. What I failed to realize was none of these were inexpensive. They are actually kinda of pricey for 1967.

Seriously... $39.95 is not cheap for 1967. At all. The handy inflation calculator is scaring me with its answer.

But lets move forward and look at some more pretty Melmac options...

I love all three of these last three patterns. I have never ever seen the ivy design before. But I have seen oodles of roses and turquoise ones...

Unfortunately, 1967 seems to be the year that avocado green was making its move to dominate the kitchen market for the next decade.

Now these next sets of Melmac is from Oneida. I can just see it now... setting a dinner table of your finest Melmac with your new stainless set of flatware from Oneida. 

And holy cow... these are more pricey than the Lexon Ware sets! Even now 54.95 seems a little pricey. Maybe I did not grasp that Melmac was more high-end product for 1967.

These are large sets of dishes. But dang... 44.95 is not cheap. I am now going to have to start looking at prices of China from this period. 

Hey now... there is finally a set for 24.95!

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