Friday, August 08, 2014

~ More yellow kitchens.... Youngstown Kitchen

This amazing kitchen was part of the Youngstown steel cabinet collection. Set up in my favorite "L" shape layout. 

This particular advertisement was a great way for lady of the home... to decide on how many yards, she needed in cabinets. And gave a decent idea about cost. So a girl could get her game plan together for convincing the husband. She need a brand new kitchen!

Because even to this day, if you are going to sell a husband on a new set of kitchen cabinets... you need a great estimate for cost. Youngstown had a good solid plan on figuring cost. And how much the extra dishwasher and 36 inch four burner range would be in that final cost. So smart.

And look here... a great yellow steel cabinet kitchen put together... with all the extra's! 

Even this little under shelf unit for shakers... 

But I am still puzzled by the wallpaper on the ceiling. As far as I can recall... I never was in any home that ever put wallpaper on the ceilings. And I had lots of aunts who were big on redecorating. Along with my own Mother. And none of them ever felt the need to place wallpaper on the ceiling. That was the same exact design, that was on the kitchen walls. I find it all interesting. 

(I do like this kitchen... with the wallpaper on the ceiling... but it was used as an illusion as being lattice board...)

Anywho.  Here is the original Youngstown Kitchen advertisement... trying to sell a girl on some new kitchen cabinets! 

A Youngstown Kitchen... the happiest room in the house!

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