Saturday, August 02, 2014

~ Amazing things on eBay... Jadeite Canister set...

I do love to lurk around eBay. Looking for the fun stuff. The expensive stuff.  The stuff we all dream about being in our lovely vintage packed kitchens. 

So image my complete delight, when I came across this auction for this impeccable set of minty mint Jadeite canister set, by Jeannette Glass Company.

My goodness.... I love to see Jadeite this perfect. All packed up in its original box. Just looking for a new home. 

And it's the complete six piece set. With those shiny original aluminum lids. That are the only ones that fit correctly on these old jars. 

So as I am lusting for this set of Jadeite... I got curious what else this seller had. Well of course there was something else amazing in their listings. 

That's right!  Pink Pyrex! Pink Daisy! In her original box! So perfect. So shiny!

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