Friday, August 01, 2014

~ Amazing things on eBay... the Fire King Swirl bowls... in pastels...

Not going to lie. I would love to have this set of Fire King swirl mixing bowls. They were referred to as the Rainbow colored set.

I do own a set of these swirl mixing bowls, in the jadeite green. And I really don't have no space for more mixing bowls... I have 7 vintage sets already packed into my cabinets. And there are more packed up in storage.

But if I was to encounter these pastel beauties in person... in their pastels glory-ness. Maybe I could squeeze in another set of mixing bowls, in my packed to the gills kitchen.  

And here is another set of these astonishing Fire King mixing bowls... with the pastel fired on colors... still in their original box! 

Oh how I wish, that Anchor Hocking was still producing this fun sassy color glassware.


Sheryl said...

Until now I never knew that pastels were made. I have always seen the jadite and off white bowls. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I have randomly seen an odd bowl to this set... normally the yellow one of all things. Sadly, I have never encountered a full set in person.

Unknown said...

How much does it cost